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Luogo Pazzesco, the inner courtyard of Metronom gallery, will host the site-specific installation Sproverbi (2023) by Orecchie D'Asinofrom September 15th to 16th, 2023. The artwork is composed by an installation and a video, both of which are unpublished.

Sproverbi emerges from an exercise and linguistic experimentation with proverbs: in a new combination, the beginning and the end of different expressions find an unexpected connection, generating observations and thoughts capable of preserving their initial irony and the aura of mystery that characterizes the communicative and oratorical power of these popular literary compositions.

The various combinations then continue to build and deconstruct themselves on the Digital Video Wall's displays, presenting the schizophrenic and surreal transition between the different halves of the proverbs. 


Press kit: Link


Sproverbi | Orecchie D'Asino
Luogo Pazzesco | Metronom
via Carteria 10 | 41121 Modena
15-16 September, 2023 | 059239501 |

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