April 14, 2021
May 14, 2021

Baron Lanteigne
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Orb (2021) by Baron Lanteigne is the second video intervention in the programming of Digital Deviations, third edition of DIGITAL VIDEO WALL, an annual project promoted by METRONOM, structured in thematic chapters and aimed at promoting the dissemination and experimentation of digital art.



Orb is a seamless loop that is closer to an animated digital painting than a video piece. This piece is created by morphing different cloud footage together using datamosh, a glitch technique which uses the motion of a clip to distort the texture of the previous one. Datamoshing is used by Lanteigne to reveal the structure of video production and the illusion of the screen as a neutral support by literally breaking the moving image. The pace and the quality of the loop on one hand enhance the apparent corporeality of the digital animation but at the same time underline how unstable is our 3D perception of it. 



Orb is thus a reflection on the creation of digital images and their inner mechanisms. 
Baron Lanteigne's artistic practice focuses on our relationship with technology and its infrastructure through digital installations where displays often act as portals bridging the real and the virtual world. The essence of his work comes from his involvement with many cyber-communities and virtual collaborations dealing with the notion of connection intended as a proper point of contact. 



@cover image, Baron Lanteigne, Orb, 2021, still detail


Baron Lanteigne, Orb
Digital Video Wall | Digital Deviations
curated by Martina Cavalli
Metronom, Via Carteria 10 / 41121 Modena
14 April - 14 May 2021
info@metronom.it / 059 239501 / www.metronom.it


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