April 05, 2022
July 22, 2022

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Structure of a Flow

Structure of a Flow is the bi-personal exhibition of the artist Kenta Cobayashi (Tokyo, 1992) and Hiva Alizadeh (Kerman, 1989) which will be set up inside Metronom space starting from the 6ht of April 2022.


The exhibition brings together the work of two artists with very different backgrounds but who find a common ground in experimenting and layering different languages and eras. Kenta Cobayashi with his Smudge series presents a new dimension of the Japanese tradition of Shodo, the art of calligraphy, bringing it inside his photography. The pixels are now navigating on the surface of the photographs to give a new dimension in which the representation of reality is combined with the experimentation of digital techniques. The work of Hiva Alizadeh brings a suggestive contemporary translation of the ancient Iranian technique for making carpets: the art works, composed of the combination of synthetic hair of various colors, become abstract representations of inner landscapes linked to the artist's origin culture. 


The imaginary of Structure of a Flow invests the visitor with unexpected art works in which the memory of the past cultures meets contemporary visions that intend to thin the boundaries that distinguish different artistic practices. 


You can find the press release at this link


© Kenta Cobayashi, Hnhnn #smudge, 2015, courtesy Metronom 


Structure of a Flow
Kenta Cobayashi, Hiva Alizadeh
METRONOM, via Carteria 10 / 41121 Modena
6th April - 22th July 2022| by appointment
info@metronom.it / 059 239501 / www.metronom.it