March 03, 2020
June 30, 2020

Ruby Gloom
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In order to promote the diffusion and experimentation of digital art, Metronom inaugurates DIGITAL VIDEO WALL, an annual project structured into thematic chapters. DIGITAL VIDEO WALL creates a space devoted to the display and presentation of digital art languages, in order to explore their expressive possibilities and engage with the multifaceted context of new technologies. The project follows the research launched in 2018 culminated in an open call for artists and curators. The winners of the competition were Boris Contarin, Marilisa Cosello and Kamilia Kard.

In this occasion Metronom invites four artists to present a video work that will be screened for a whole month starting from March 2020, in a reserved space: the gallery window, oriented towards the outside, in which four screens form a digital video wall that allows continuous use of the contents. As part of the program of each intervention, an event will be organized in the form of a lecture, series of projections, thematic focuses that will deepen the authors' experimentation.

The first chapter of the project will investigate the concept of EDEN, a contemporary earthly paradise intended as a luxuriant primordial landscape or a place for the fulfilment of desires. The projected works will decline the idea of EDEN through the expressive methods of digital art.

The first artist to present her work in March 2020, will be Ruby Gloom (Hong Kong, 1991) with Metal-Romance, 2019.




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