June 24, 2021
September 30, 2021

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Del resto i costumi cambieranno molto

In fluctuation between possibility and knowledge Del resto i costumi cambieranno molto - After all, the customs will change a lot * is an invitation to move relying on the pleasure of the eyes and objects, which, because magical, change their function. Robert Lebel writes in response to questions from Brèton's Art Magique, 'a mirror found by chance at an auction was enough to trigger on the theme of doubling perspectives that I had sought in other ways. The most effective defeats to our atrocious common sense are consumed in these fortuitous encounters. This is how magical art and the magic of art meet, to give everything that exists a highly optional character.'

Starting from this 'highly optional' character of things, Annabel Elgar recovers embroidery cloths that become the background for her staged constructions; coherently with the artisanal manufacture of objects and elements of the scene, the design is in this new series of works declined using the cross stitch. Who is represented by the masks, held by the woman from behind? Or who is the mysterious figure in a bunny costume holding the two little girls? Always poised between recognition and imagination, Elgar's scenes, even if deprived in these works of the magic of photography, find an essential narrative dimension, disturbing and mysterious and at the same time seductive.

Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi is a collector of artifacts. Photographic finds, he defines them. In a meditative - and obsessive - walk he collects objects that he transforms into subjects of his photographs. Flight Formation is a composition of spent shells, relics of hunting actions. Without resorting to changing the state of the reproduction in the image, Gandolfi leaves the composition bare and flawless: chromatically aligned rows of cartridge cases that come out, almost endowed with propulsive force, from the wool and metal cage in which the artist has blocked them. The flame, the explosion, the violent gesture slide on a level of abstraction that captures the gaze and invites you to touch the surface, as if it were the fleece of an animal.

The State of Uncertainty by Eeva Hannula is an attempt to force the daily dimension of things, objects and to modify their meaning. Through a layered process that mixes post-production, the use of prisms and binocular lenses, Hannula's images are like poems that give voice to experiences in surprising ways that ordinary language cannot express. This uncertain territory between said and unspoken, facts and fictions is open to the spectator's game of mix and match, in a polarity between ordinary, familiar and disturbing dimensions.

The artistic things of Elgar, Hannula and Gandolfi are inanimate objects deliberately presented as animated, in a dissonant and conflicting dimension that cannot leave indifferent, an inexplicable privilege of certain works that manage to become such.


Del resto i costumi cambieranno molto
Annabel Elgar, Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi, Eeva Hannula
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