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Tirana Biennale | Fabrizio Bellomo and Rachele Maistrello



From May 4 to May 9, 2017, the cities of Tirana and Durres will host Mediterranea 18, a multidisciplinary exhibition organized every two years in a different place in Europe. The theme of Mediterranea 18 is History + Conflict + Dream + Failure = HOME and much more than a simple equation, Zeneli's curatorial concept describes why HOME is themed around four elements:

"History, intending the archive of the unaccountable number of individual stories, recorded or forgotten. Conflict, to consider the way we share homes. Dream as the project of home, as the fundamental human right to be free to choose and desire our real or imaginary home. Failure as the inner resistance of the various attempts, transformed along the way in search for the dream home".


Fabrizio Bellomo and Rachele Maistrello will take part in Mediterranean 18 in the Parallel Projects section.

Fabrizio Bellomo will present both the Vegla bën ustain (The Tool Makes the Master) project, produced in 2015 during a period of artist residence in Albania, and the video E per te canterò tutta la vita (And I'll sing all my life about You), realized with the artist Nico Angiuli.

Every day at Tirana's roundabout known as dogana, several workers armed with their tools wait for someone to hire them for casual jobs. In 2015, during his artist residency in Albania (for Tirana Art Lab), Fabrizio Bellomo invited one of those workers to engrave with his jackhammer the expression Vegla bën ustain (The tool makes the master) on a dogana's wall. In the project E per te canterò tutta la vita a urban myth becomes the excuse for two friends to engage on a motorcycle ride across Albania in order to explore its recent history and its intricate relationship with Italy.


Rachele Maistrello will present at the Tirana Biennale the project Everyone calls it the Home of Girls. This intervention manifests as the typical expression of conviviality and sharing which characterizes the all-girls collective from which the title comes from. Tirana's Pyramid walls, as well as fragments of the city, will be partially covered with a series of posters designed by the authors.


Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale
4-9 Maggio 2017

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