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Tim Cullmann | Steenbergen Stipendium


Tim Cullmann is one of the selected artists for Steenbergen Stipendium 2017, prize for the best photographic graduation projects all around Netherlands. 


The final exhibition that show and collect the works by the five artists will be hosted at Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, from 16 September to 29 October 2017. The winner of the jury prize will receive an incentive prize of 5,000€ from the Steenbergen Foundation. 


The project Tulip - All2gether Sommer Kombi by Tim Cullmann is conceived as a visual studio into the privately owned garden and the creative craftmanship expressed to ceate it. The artist does this in a very idiosyncratic way by using the camera to understand the garden as a physical place while also creating an abstract photographic work. Patterns of red and white checked tablecloth with a cherry pie on it, for example, melt into a harmonious overall structure. The graphic qualities of the garden's paving suddenly are the main focus. He presents these images again as a paving pattern on a wooden construction frame. In doing so, Cullmann questions the ownership (in the sense of appropriation) of images that naturally lurk behind the making of photographs. Do we have images in our head before we create them? To what degree do they influence what we create? Of they just provide a framework? The series is an experiment with images that creates a new way of looking at them. 


Cover images: © Tim Cullmann, from the series Tulip - All2gether Sommer Kombi, 2017

Steenbergen Stipendium 2017
16 september - 20 october 2017
Nederlands Fotomuseum
Wilhelminakade 332
3072 AR Rotterdam

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