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Taisuke Koyama | Creation Gallery G8



Taisuke Koyama will take part in the group exhibition Illuminating Graphics 2, which will be held at the Creation Gallery G8 in Tokyo, from February 22nd to March 28th 2019.

The exhibition takes place after a first edition, held in 2014, where the works of 14 artists were exhibited on uniformly monitors. Today, for Illuminating Graphics 2, the same space will be divided into two different areas, one real and physical, the other entirely virtual, to demonstrate how the boundaries between reality and virtuality are disappearing more and more, thanks to progress of digital technology and to changes in the internet environment.

Image: Taisuke Koyama, Light Field 044, 2015

Taisuke Koyama
Illuminating Graphics 2

Creation Gallery G8, Tokyo
22/02 - 28/03/2019
Monday - Saturday | 11.00am - 7.00pm
free admission

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