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The Edge Effect | Kamilia Kard


We are happy to announce that on November 10th at Marsèll there will be the opening of The Edge Effect, a group exhibition that includes the work of Kamilia Kard Woman as a Temple. The exhibition will be open until November 26th at the Marsèll showroom in Milan.

In the world of ecology, an ectone is a transitional area where two different ecosystem meet, mix and merge. The effect of this mix is an increase in biodiversity, as well as the density and uniqueness of organisms, and the mutaul influence between the two ecosystems is called the "edge effect". 
This is the perfect metaphor of what is happening throughtout society as it pertains to our perceptions and ideas of identity. 


The Edge Effect

Marsèll, Via Paullo 12/A / 20135 Milano
11th - 26th November 2021


©Kamilia Kard, Woman as a Temple #12, 2019




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