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On the occasion of the Notte Europea dei Musei, Metronom will keep its DIGITAL VIDEO WALL active: the screens in the showcase of the gallery become a place dedicated to the exhibition and presentation of languages of digital art, in order to explore the expressive possibilities with the complexity of the contect of the new technologies. 


On May 14th the video Uncanny Valley (2029) mabe by Stacie Ant will be visible all night from the street via Carteria. The work proposes a reflection on the digital representation of oneself within virtual reality. By creating a cinematic narrative of the three protagonists and their respective avatars, Stacie Ant comments on the development of projects around the Metaverse and augmented reality. 


Uncanny Valley is part of FILTRO, the theme chosen by the curator Gemma Fantacci for the third chapter of DIGITAL VIDEO WALL. FILTRO is a survey in the artistic field of the research made by international artists on the digital as a tool and medium. 


© Stacie Ant, Uncanny Valleu, 2020, courtesy the artist



Uncanny Valley | METRONOM 
via Carteria 10 | 41121 Modena
15 aprile - 14 marzo 2022 | h24 | 059239501 |

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