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Metronom is pleased to present the fourth screening hosted on our DIGITAL VIDEO WALL: Ekpyrosís (2021) by Léa Porré.

From the 7th of March to the 11th April 2023 it is possible to see Ekpyrosís on the Digital Video Wall h24. The work, created by the artist following the concept of world-building, involves the construction of virtual worlds through game engines (graphic engines used to create video games). In this way, Porré builds digital landscapes, palaces of memory in which to bring together narrative stories of the past and mythological motifs.

Ekpyrosís, proposing a cyclical convention of history, urges the viewer to explore the potential of the catastrophic sublime in the context of the French Revolution and in the era of the Sun King. Among rubble and mythological evocations, the gaze rediscovers a new definition of time.


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Ekpyrosís | Lèa Porré 
METRONOM | via Carteria 10 | 41121 Modena 
7th March - 11th April 2023 | h24 | 059239501 |

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