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On the occasion of festivalfilosofia 2015, centred on the topic of inheritance, Metronom presents the show Framed Memories by Martina della Valle.

Framed Memoriesa is a  project that started in 2009 thanks to the photos of an old family album found by the artist in a market in Berlin. These pictures, often with notes and captions, made it possible for Martina della Valle to create a completely new series, in which the images are almost entirely covered in a black passepartout with the exeption of a small detail. The observer becomes, then, the one who, starting from the clues of these details, imagines and recreates the context, the protagonists and the time of the photos.


"My research is a reflection upon the notion of trace, understood as an impront left physically or mentally by time and by human action in lived spaces, or on the surface of objects of use," this is how Martina della Valle describes her creative process. the photographic medium is, in her opinion, a fundamental instrument to inspect the past; it has the important role to preserve the value of the images through time. The series Framed Memories is also strongly connected with the different contexts in which it developed. From its start, it progressively enlarged thanks to the materials that were found in cities such as Berlin, Onomichi (Japan), Florence, Bangkok, Paris. In this way, it creates a repertoire of images that is also a research on the relationship of different cultures with the past.




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