April 16, 2016 - June 04, 2016

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Through The Looking Glass | Group show


On saturday April 16th will open the new collective exhibition Through The Looking Glass, with an original setting of works by Martina della Valle, Annabel Elgar and Baerbel Reinhard. Until June 4th, it's possible to visit Metronom, from Tuesday to Saturday 3 - 7 pm. 


Through a mental and imaginary mirror, the work of the three artists leads to an observation of reality not as individual images but as a specular quality that translates into a multiplicity, in which the visible and the symbolic are confused. Nature, understood as the environment in which we live, becomes the theatre that stages this passage, crossing between physical and mental places. Far from the dimension of dreams but close to fantasy and imagination, the works of della Valle, Elgar and Reinhard take up the challenge of using natural elements, places and objects, and transforming them symbolically, still make us perceived them as clear and accessible.


Through The Looking Glass presents the works by three artists that search for a relationship and an interpretation with the world, through a dimension that is nourished by ambiguity and contradiction: as you enter through the mirror, you emerge into a hidden and inaccessibile place, where the ephemeral meets the evanescent. So the mirror is not a tool for a quest of identity, but an aperture to a world of possible transformation and intellectual speculation.



The exhibition will still be visible after June, 4th 2016 by appointment only. Info and reservation at: + 39 059 344692 / info@metronom.it


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