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Mapping the Studio | Yearly project


Mapping the studio is thought to be a year-round festival that desires to get the public involved, with the aim of foster the dialogue and the consciousness on the theme of production, reading and fruition of contemporary visual culture. 


As a festival, the project wants to join together the practise of the art sperimentation with the divulgation, showing a double nature of laboratory and discourse. 


The project is constructed by, on one side, a series of actions devoted to support the artists of the youngest generation in their research and development, on the other side with an action devoted to the public, to any potential viewer, with the aim of creating a concrete and deep dialogue. 



With Mapping the Studio Metronom wants to create a map of the artistic and creative realities on the territory, starting from Modena, getting involved with all the italian land, with the goal of building some occasion of critic dialogue. 


Two main ACTIONS will make the project Mapping the Studio:

Mapping the Studio_Action#1

LIVEstudio#3 _ residency programme
Selected artists: Claudia Petraroli, Camille Leveque 
(30 January - 25 February)


Mapping the Studio_Action #2

Generazione Critica _ Roundatable
Searching for a New Way
(15 december 2017)


Moved by the desire of fostering a vivid debate, Metronom website will be constantly updated with events and meeting from any new partner. 


Facebook page

Generazione Critica website 


Metronom activities will be continue during the all 2017 with the natural calendar, showing and fostering the works by young artists. Mapping the studio is for this reason a on ongoing festival, that runs parallel in content and time with the institutional projects. 


The whole project is organized by Metronom, with the patronage of Modena Municipality and the collaboration of Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, Pieve di Soligo; Fotopub Festival, Novo Mesto (Slovenia); Galleria Civica, Modena; Fondazione Fotografia Modena.

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