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Poiuyt | The project

The 'poiuyt' is an impossible object, a complex and paradoxical figure that changes according to where the attention of the beholder is focused. An optical illusion that imposes a reflection. The 'poiuyt' becomes the symbol of a critical tendency that is necessary to consciously handle the way we deal with the power of images. The name derives from the last six letters in the top alphabet row of a computer's keyboard, typed backwards.


POIUYT is a research platform on images that aims at spreading a critical approach towards such key language in the contemporary world through reflection, collective exchange and participation. The project, supported by MLZ Art Dep in Trieste, Galleria Michela Rizzo in Venice and Metronom in Modena, kicks off with the exhibition Point Zero. Critical practices in contemporary Italian photography, opening in Trieste on March 18 at 6.30 pm presenting an original selection of works by The Cool Couple, Discipula and Alessandro Sambini.


POIUYT's website will be launched during a special event at Galleria Michela Rizzo in Venice on May 11 at 12 pm alongside the contributions that artists such as Fabrizio Bellomo, Francesco Jodice, Bruno Baltzer & Leonora Bisagno and Swedish duo Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt have given to the initial phase of the project. In addition, the first of a series of publications relevant to the platform's initiatives will be presented.




POIUYT. Point Zero. Critical practices in contemporary Italian photography
March 18 - June 18, 2017 (opening Saturday March 18, 6.30 pm)
MLZ Art Dep - Trieste, via Galatti 14 -


POIUYT. The project
Thursday May 11, 2017, 12 pm
Galleria Michela Rizzo - Venice, Ex Birreria, Giudecca 800/Q ('Palanca' Vaporetto stop) -


Upcoming exhibitions

February 2018: Galleria Michela Rizzo - Venice, Ex Birreria, Giudecca 800/Q

Fall 2018: Metronom - Modena, Viale G. Amendola 142 -




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