May 30, 2018 - August 04, 2018

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Sanna Kannisto | A song system


A song system, solo show by Sanna Kannisto is on view inside Metronom spaces (10 via Carteria, Modena) until 4 August 2018The exhibition, curated by Chiara Bardelli Nonino, presents a selection of recent and premiere pieces by Sanna Kannisto, from the series Local Vernacular, Act of Flying and Days of Departure.


As in a celestial globe, the exhibition wants to draw constellations to use as maps to orient themselves in the universe of Finnish photographer, in which a variety of elements coexist: the immense biodiversity of the tropical forest and the minimalism of the Scandinavian landscape, the rigor of the scientific procedures and the absolute freedom of art, the fixedness of the photographic image and the tension of the animals immortalized in all their vitality.


The title of the exhibition refers to a series of brain structures that regulate - in some species of songbirds - the ability to learn how to communicate, structures that have such unexpected analogies with very few other animal species - including humans.


Sanna Kannisto (Finland, 1974) lives and works in Helsinki. Works by Sanna Kannisto have been shown in the most prestigious international art institutions. In 2011 the Aperture Foundation, New York published Fieldwork, a monograph dedicated to the work of Sanna Kannisto, with an essay by Steve Baker. In 2017 Metronom Books published the volume White Space, with a critic text by Chiara Bardelli Nonino. In 2015 Sanna Kannisto won the Finnish State Prize for Photographic Art. 


Chiara Bardelli Nonino (1985) since 2012 she is Photo Editor of Vogue Italia; she writes and manages photography projects for, of which she is Editor for Photography, and for Vogue Italia Instagram. She is curator of Photo Vogue Festival, annual project dedicated to fashion photography and to the most recent photographic exspressions, for which with Alessia Glaviano she has curated and produced the shows The Female Gaze and FASHION & POLITICS in Vogue Italia. She has collaborated with Flash Art Italia and The British Journal of Photography; in her research and study she mainly focuses on contemporary photography, contributing to editorial and independent projects. 



Sanna Kannisto | A song system
Curated by Chiara Bardelli Nonino
Metronom, Via Carteria 10 / 41121 Modena
Until 4 August 2018
Free entrance / tuesday - saturday,  2 - 7 pm and by appointment 
Info: tel. +39 059 239501 / /

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