March 02, 2019 - April 27, 2019

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Saturday March 2th 2019, opens In ​​the Woods the Waterfall is Rushing, the first solo show in Metronom by the artistic duo TILO & TONI.

For the occasion TILO & TONI presents its latest series of works Im Walde rauscht der Wasserfall, composed of unique pieces of baryta prints, created with an experimental mix of techniques, through the direct intervention of the artists in the darkroom.

With a profound attention to manual gesture and interaction with materials, Tilo & Toni mix and take photographs, drawings and objects of various kinds that, through analogue technique, recombine in images and photographic collages. Without following a precise thematic line, the series is referred, starting from the title of the series, to the typical imagery of the romantic era, putting a reflection on the nature and the process of image creation.

Cover Image: © TILO & TONI, Im Walde rauscht der Wasserfall (1), 2018

TILO & TONI | In the Woods the Waterfall is Rushing
Metronom, Via Carteria 10/41121 - Modena
2 March - 27 April 2019
Admission free / Tuesday-Saturday 2pm-7pm and by appointment.
Info tel. +39 059 239501 / /

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