September 17, 2021 - October 18, 2021

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Lend Me Your Face: Go Fake Yourself!

On the occasion of festivalfilosofia 2021, Metronom presents Lend Me Your Face: Go FakeYourself!, a net art intervention by Tamiko Thiel and her collaborator "/ p", set up on the video wall and projected in loop 24 hours a day. The video installation was born from the Artificial Intelligence intervention project commissioned in 2020 by The Photographers' Gallery in London.

In Lend Me Your Face!, a deepfake and open source neural network framework animates photographs of the faces of ordinary people according to the facial movements and expressions of prominent international public figures. The visitor is confronted with how the most intimate and yet public part of himself, the face and the emotions it expresses, can be easily manipulated and placed in contexts beyond his control. For festivalfilosofia 2021, an updated version of the project is proposed with a new set of faces and an interactive component which, through a QR code, allows the visitor to participate in the project by creating their own deepfake.


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