June 13, 2022 - June 14, 2022

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Untouched (2022) is the sith video presented by the artist Martina Menegon within the program FILTRO, the third edition of DIGITAL VIDEO WALL, an annual project structured in thematic chapters, aimed at promoting the dissemination and experimentation of digital art. 


Untouched is a project that consists of a series of 3D Scan-Seflies presented as online virtual sculptures that also have the possibility of augmented reality. The observer is absorbed in these shhots of the artist herself who is dematerialized and digitally recomposed. Martina Menegon interprets this 3D scanning as an extremely personal journey in which the artist can explore his multiple digital selves and then proceed towards an understanding of its virtual identities: this operation reflects on the daily action of presenting the self within digital realities. 


FILTRO is the theme chosen by Gemma Fantacci to present a series of works linked by keywords such as avatar, identity, body, digital vs analogue, IRL vs. virtual worlds. FILTRO is conceived in its twofold meaning of device that allows the execution of modifications, real or virtual, to an object or body, also real or digital, and finally of lens, or screen, through wichi we experience an altered version of reality and of the media landscape that surrounds us. 


With DIGITAL VIDEO WALL Metronom offers a place dedicated to the display and presentation of languages of digital art. The peculiar position of the video wall, which allows 24-hour use from the street front, transforms the DVW into an urban intervention, a way to redesign and change the image of the street. 


You can find the press release here


©Martina Menegon, Untouched, Courtesy the artist, 2022


Untouched | METRONOM 
via Carteria 10 | 41121 Modena 
15th May - 14th June 2022 | h24
info@metronom.it | 059239501 / www.metronom.it


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