May 17, 2024 - June 17, 2024

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OBJETS-MONDE (2022) by Sabrina Ratté is the fourth video screening inside Metamorphosis, fifth edition of DIGITAL VIDEO WALL, an annual project structured in thematic chapters, which promotes the dissemination and experimentation of digital art.


Metamorphosis is the theme chosen for the fifth edition of the DVW, which focuses on the visual and conceptual investigation carried out by several artists at the intersection of artificial intelligence, bots, algorithms, virtual and gaming environments. The series unfolds across multiple thematic threads, exploring how the new frontiers of technology shape human dynamics and how they constantly redefine our relationship with machines and technology. 


OBJETS-MONDE, presented at the Digital Video Wall as a single channel video, explores the impact of human activity on the environment and how it becomes an integral part of our ecosystem. Through the technique of photogrammetry, abandoned objects such as cars and computer screens are captured, resulting in a video collage that incorporates fragments of reality. These objects are then recontextualized in the video, appearing disproportionately large within distant landscapes, resembling the remnants of monumental architecture. The absence of life and the luminous ambiance of the artwork create a juxtaposition between a sense of apocalypse and nostalgia, between the value of the objects and their status as waste, and between an idealized nature and the enduring presence of human traces. 


With DVW Metronom offers a place dedicated to the exhibition and presentation of digital art languages. The peculiar position of the video wall, which allows 24-hour use from the street front, transforms the DVW into an urban intervention, a way to redesign and change the image of the street. 


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OBJETS-MONDE | Sabrina Ratté
METRONOM | via Carteria 10 | 41121 Modena 
From May 17, 2024 | h24 | 059239501 |

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